Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Wandering Libby

This is Libby, isn't she beautiful! Miss Libby is our 4 year old 100 lb. yellow lab who's as sweet and friendly as can be. However, she's also extremely strong willed and will do everything in her power to roam the neighborhood.

We've recently invested in the Invisible Fence, a fantastic company who will train your pet to learn his/her boundaries as well as install the fence system. They also offer a 100% guarantee! Well, Miss Libby has taken it upon herself to test the company's guarantee and my last nerve all at the same time.

Yesterday, she took off for the 4th time since the system was installed. This time during a distraction training (son on outside of fence, Libby and I on inside). She very casually walked right through the fence without even flinching and took off running like a race horse. Dear son ran after her and I followed in the car, both son and dog come home exhausted and panting. Once again, I called the Invisible Fence company and first thing this morning a trainer come back out to the house. Libby ended up getting a stronger collar, I hope and pray it works this time and we have no more roaming.

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