Monday, July 27, 2009

Bronchitis is no fun!

I posted a few days ago about this cold/virus of mine and it's still hanging on. In fact, I now have bronchitis, which really puts a damper on enjoying this beautiful summer weather we're having.

I have to admit, besides all the coughing and congestion (ok, I know that 's gross), my biggest complaint is the fact that I'm missing my dear grandson.

It's really hard to spoil the little guy when I'm also trying not to spread the germs! I miss his little hugs, miss him grabbing my hand and saying "Gama, do puzzles" and blowing bubbles on the back porch!

So, I'm taking my meds, loading up on fluids and trying to get lots of rest. However necessary, I find all this down time quite boring.

Little Man, I haven't forgotten you, I will get over this bug and we'll have lots of time to do puzzles and blow bubbles again!


strbrrykisses315 said...

glad you got to see your grandson today:)

Kim said...

I'm so glad to be over the crud!

strbrrykisses315 said...

finally lol

Maharaja said...
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